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Eagle Eye Converter for PS3 and Xbox 360

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What is the Eagle Eye?

The answer is simple. The Eagle Eye is a keyboard and mouse converter for the PS3 and Xbox 360, that allows you to use a keyboard and mouse of your choice instead of a controller. Using our proprietary Eagle Edit program, you can modify your settings and key bindings to play the game in a way that best suites you, with the added control and precision that a keyboard and mouse offers.

Why use a keyboard and mouse opposed to a standard controller?

Some people may say controllers are suitable for FPS gaming, but we don't think suitable is enough. We believe the controller should enhance your overall experience and ability. FPS games were designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse for a reason. A controller, by design, simply doesn't have nearly the same precision and accuracy that a mouse has. The ability to scan and aim using your hand instead of just your thumb with a joystick allows faster reactions and more accuracy. There is a reason why Console Makers scrapped a project to merge PC and Console FPS communities together online: "The console players (using a controller) got destroyed every time." Simply put, a keyboard and mouse will enhance your overall FPS ability when compared to using a controller.

How does the Eagle Eye work?

Normally, when playing a first person shooter on console, you aim by moving the right joystick while entering commands using the buttons of your controller. The Eagle Eye converter takes those same button commands and translates them to your keyboard in any configuration you like. Since games aren’t compatible with a mouse and movement is generally controlled by the right analog stick, our device has to then convert your mouse movement into right analog movement. We are able to achieve this effectively with our Advanced Calibration system which allows you to setup smooth, PC like mouse movement for most Major FPS games. You can adjust these Calibration settings with our Eagle Edit program, which also lets you bind your own keyboard setup, or you can do them in-game if you need to make fine tuned adjustments mid-game. Part of using the Eagle Eye is experimenting with these calibrations to find the one that works best for your play-style and sharing them with others within our community. After you're done, all these Calibrations can be saved directly to your computer for future use

Part of our latest firmware update (Firmware 3.0) introduced 5 additional Calibration Points to our deadzone calibration system. This effectively has vastly improved the Eagle Eye's mouse functionality and movement which allows you to achieve near PC results on almost every major FPS title. Above is a video demonstrating the effectiveness of the mouse calibration in game. Also if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can find more in game video demonstrations.

Both units are now compatible with Xbox 360 & PS3 so can be used for both consoles with 1 unit.

Box either says 360 or PS3 on it but both are fully compatible with each console.

Latest 2013 edition

How does the Eagle Eye work?


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